Faith Connexion brand was created in 2004 by aspiring French designer Ilan Delouis. His eccentric bright collections quickly attracted attention of “fashionable conceptualists” who are bored with classic silhouettes and ready-made answers.

Delouis sings street fashion, but, contrary to expectations, draws ideas for his collections not in the bustling streets of the metropolis, but in abstract images that visit him during everyday meditations. Brand’s clothing is richly decorated with symbols of different cultures and eras, often combines medieval motifs and fetish rock culture. And a separate series of rebellious dresses are issued with Ilan’s author comments, expressing his views on the world and faith. Designer’s partner since 2005 has been former Valenino top-manager Christophe Bosc, who is a reliable support for ambitious, mystical talent of a hedonist Ilan Delouis.

Today the brand produces collections of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The favorite color of French mystics is black. Brand’s heroes are people with a temper, who do not throw words to the wind and can respond to challenge of a big city. Urban images proclaim freedom from dress-codes, despise stability and mass-market.

Brand Faith Connexion is represented in more than forty countries around the world, and its popularity continues to gain momentum.