Forte Forte is a collection designed and manufactured in Italy. Brand’s name becomes from the family name of its founders – Giada and Paolo Forte. A vivid journey to the southern Aeolian pearls, drenched in the sun and lulled by the wind. A journey into a warm, sunny atmosphere, where the linen is lying in the sun and the sweet sound of cicadas resemble the atmosphere of the 70s.

Shining summer sunlight illuminates all hot and golden highlights, sometimes almost white and dazzling, simple, untouched nature smells like air of lemon and gorse. The infinite shades of yellow, apricot and orange from the prickly pears gently stand out among the greenery; bright pink fuchsias and coral bougainvilleas in summer paint white walls and sun-drenched terraces.


Silver white sand from natural stone and pebbles on the seashore, clear and transparent colors such as crystal clear water, where endless changes in shades of green, blue and blue always combine.


Fresh colors of linen, silk, washed in soft colors, reflect the shades of sunsets on the seashore, dressing in light and elegant dresses with lurex, shimmer with the light of the sun, which is reflected in the water, splashes of gold embroidering striped jackets; shawls and fringed dresses are decorated with floral embroidery.


Satin kaftans and shirts tied over light organza pants smell of memories from a sunny island of Panarea and draw festive evenings in these sea-enchanted Mediterranean places.