Pal Zileri brand was founded in 1980 in the city of Vicenza, located in the heart of Veneto region, by two Italian entrepreneurs, Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola. The brand was named after Palazzo Zileri, an elegant building in Vicenza, a birthplace of fashion house, which not only played an important role in its development, but remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration to this day. Since the Renaissance, Veneto region has been the cradle of art, history and filigree craftsmanship in all its manifestations.



Inspired by famous Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, Barizza and Miola reinterpreted traditions in a modern way. In 1970, they founded company Forall Confezioni S.p.A, presenting an idea of ​​a “democratic atelier”, which revolutionized style with creating original shapes, fabrics and colors. New business “for all.” A culmination of this process was the year 1980, when its own line of luxury men’s clothing, Pal Zileri, was launched.



Today, the company is wholly owned by Mayhoola Group from Qatar, which in July 2016 bought an entire stake in Forall Confezioni S.p.A. One of the first changes after taking a new course was an appointment of Giovanni Mannucci to the post of a chief executive officer of the company in October 2016. His task was to bring the company into a new era of global development, growth and consolidation. Creative management was entrusted to Rocco Iannone, who took up this position in July 2017. Thanks to deep Italian roots, he manages to bring his vision and aesthetics into well-established canons of men’s clothing.



Pal Zileri products are manufactured in a factory in Quinto Vicentino in province of Vicenza. It is here experienced craftsmen create clothes that combine classic fit with modern design. Brand’s pieces are distinguished by their filigree craftsmanship and timeless elegance, allowing Pal Zileri’s man to emphasize his individual style and character.



Under the leadership of a new creative director Rocco Iannone brand Pal Zileri transforms traditional tailoring art into a global everyday phenomenon in the world of men’s fashion. Refined, creative and modern – Pal Zileri’s philosophy reflects timeless style, characterized by clear principles, noble palette of colors and exclusive details that emphasize personal style. A new language of elegance, in which restraint turns into a message that combines virtuosity and artistic mastery. In this regard, Pal Zileri chooses a new color – Green Lagoon – as its signature shade that combines beauty, heritage and modernity.