The Italian clothing brand AERONAUTICA MILITARE is produced at the Cristiano di Thiene SpA factory, which is known for having been making leather jackets for pilots of Italian Air Force and piloting team of Italian Air Force Frecce Tricolore for more than 30 years.

The brand appeared more than 14 years ago as a result of a special agreement concluded between the Italian High Command and Cristiano di Thiene SpA. Now AERONAUTICA MILITARE is one of the most famous Italian brands of sports and casual wear. The original emblems and symbols of Italian Air Force are used on these clothes not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to emphasize the company’s connection with history. AERONAUTICA MILITARE is a true story of love and enthusiasm, a history of craftsmanship and true values. Thanks to an unsurpassed combination of design talent and excellent quality, over the past few years, this brand has gained a strong position in both Italian and international markets.

The men’s collections of AERONAUTICA MILITARE include casual, sportswear, outerwear, leather products, a specialized line for aviators and pilots, as well as a large selection of accessories and footwear.