It all started with a batch of T-shirts in 2012, but was soon followed by a complete collection, which became a social and commercial phenomenon.

An idea, embodied in a collection, became a spark: County of Milan gives vent to diversity, praising it, as evidenced by the spectacular and emotion-filled shows of the brand.

This is an unrestrained, multicultural, highly asexual clothing line, with a clear metropolitan style, filled with symbols of desire for destruction, applied to sports, street-designed models. Catching up on the energy of the fast life of a big city, County of Milan is at the forefront of the entire street fashion phenomenon. The image is a multi-layered cocktail of graphics on all surfaces of clothing, dramatic combinations of colors and clear forms, worthy of the concrete jungle. The fusion of exotic and functionality returns, and Bourbon constantly pays tribute to its Argentine roots. Authenticity is another side: the main elements of the wardrobe are often created in collaborations with iconic brands in each area. For example, bombers were created in conjunction with Alpha Industries, capes — with Pendleton.