An innovative look in Nude’s spring-summer collection is a product of serious research and experiments with materials for creating new volumes and structures.

New collection reveals a theme of “surfaces”, “lightness” and “transparency” through the layering. This is creating a multifaceted image of a heroine: feminine and luxurious – on the one hand, relaxed and simple – on the other. Glazed and laminated surfaces remind of precious and fragile Chinese porcelain. Abstract images of light and water are applied to knitted items. Multistage processing of heavy mesh turns it into an analogue of fish scales. Long cuts open the bottom layers of fabric. Forms are voluminous but weightless. Crepe desdex is combined with a neoprene decorated with a floral print, royal blue and scarlet coexist with dusty white and gray melange.

Freshness and innovation of the brand promise a memorable summer.