Opening a clothing store on franchising is an easy and efficient solution.

Show-room “Li-Lu” launches clothing and accessories stores on terms of franchising forming collections through European producing companies design lines. This helps the Company absolutely legally offer its partners eminent brands articles.

There is also in stock the kid’s wear to which franchising rights are also extended. Show-room provides franchises on more than 15 trademarks among which there are Elena Miro, Coccinelle, Furla and many others.

Opening a clothing store on franchising an entrepreneur gets a possibility to trade legally fine well-known brand goods that are sought after and beloved among buyers, and therefore, capable to make profit.

Clients are interested in buying original articles of expensive brands, not their forgeries or copies. However not all of them can afford a trip to Italy or France to upgrade their wardrobes and visit best fashion houses because of lack of time. Opening a boutique you really enable people to purchase trendy famous designers clothes in Russia.

Stylish women’s wear in bulk may be procured in Show-room “Li-Lu”, franchising is provided on numerous trademarks which are very popular throughout the world. It is an excellent chance to give start to profitable business.