The history of a British brand Joseph began long before an appearance of the first collection – in 1972, when the Briton Joseph Ettedgi opened his first multi-brand clothing store of the same name network. In 1983, Ettedgy launched his own brand of women’s clothing in addition to an impressive store brand list. The brand was reborn in 2005 with arrival of a new creative director Louise Trotter.

Having taken discreet minimalism of previous collections as a basis, Trotter revived clothing with expressive animalistic and floral prints, significantly increased proportions and relied on a free cut, maintaining the purity of lines and the graphicity of silhouettes.


Brand’s collections consist of practical, understandable and modern clothes for every-day life: fitted dresses, turned coats, asymmetrical blouses and cigarette-trousers with arrows. But even the most concise wear of muted colors, in continuation of Joseph Ettedgy’s concept, is good less by itself than in their endless and different temper combinations with each other.