Women’s footwear Jimmy Choo has long been an ode to a true luxury in all its manifestations and is still the face and the main product of the brand.

Elegant design, daring approach and exceptional Italian craftsmanship helped to win love and recognition of an audience. Brand Jimmy Choo is a pioneer in the art of creating looks for celebrities. Today, the brightest Hollywood actresses and actors shine on the red carpet in famous brand’s shoes. A reputation of being celebrities’ ”favorite” helped the brand grow quickly.


Every modern woman is involved in a constant search for compromise, smoothing out contradictions of her own character and the world around her. Fall-Winter 2016/17 collection personifies the search for balance and the achievement of harmony: Romance and sanity. Decadence and grace. Authoritarianism and anarchy. Plea and domination. Freedom and coercion. Uniformity and individuality. This is a dialectical overload. Enlightenment comes from achieving balance.