The history of SUBTERRANEI brand began not quite typically. Brand’s name comes after a blog, which designer Alina Tsyganova led along with her friend while studying in England. From the Latin SUBTERRANEI translates as “underground”. After some time, this name was transferred to a clothing brand that Alina created. Apparel quite advises the name and reflects the philosophy of everyday appearance, which combines sporty chic and club life.

Designer’s love for minimalism in everyday style, for monochrome in colors and for sports aesthetics was embodied in the first SUBTERRANEI collection. The main details here are modern materials, such as plastic, eco-leather, multi-colored polyester, complemented by reflective details. Collection also includes cotton t-shirts with historical overtones and humorous inscriptions. Alina Tsyganova’s inspiration is a conceptual brand of streetwear A-COLD-WALL and lawmakers of minimalist cut Joseph. By combining two eras of the last century – constructivism of the beginning of the 20th century and the fashion of the 90s, with which it ended, Alina was able to reflect what young people live today. Each girl can find a thing for her taste in SUBTERRANEI’s collection. There are black and red dresses, skirts, polyester tops with reflective details, various T-shirts from organza with an inscription “NIGILIST” and much more.

Alina Tsyganova is only 21 years old. A young designer and DJ is studying graphic design at the University of Parsons in Paris, where she enrolled after graduating from Saint Martins College in London. Seriously fond of art, for ten years has been engaged in painting. In her free time she paints pictures. From the earliest years, she saw herself as a designer, driven by an example of her mother Oksana Bondarenko, president of “Show-Room Li-Lu”, who has been working in fashion industry for over 20 years.